ULLL Riverdogs vs. DLL Phillies - June 4th, 2001

ULLL Riverdogs vs. DLL Phillies
at Trailside Field, Leesburg- June 4th, 2001

The rains in mid May forced a number of make-up games for all the teams in the league. Our make-up game with the Dulles Phillies was held under the lights at Trailside Field.

Once again our team roared into the lead during the first inning, and never let up for the entire game. There were more exciting plays and hair-raising action than I could record oon my camera, and half the time I spent with my mouth open, watching in awe, and completely forgetting to take shots! At times the action was so fast that the photos came out a blur, or the fence got in the way.... or a leg got in the way, or the umpire, or the batter, or the.... oh, you get the picture! Anyway, I tossed in a couple of those photos -- just for the fun of it.


Leading batter

First hit of the game

Holding second base

Runners on base

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