ULLL Riverdogs vs. DLL Mariners - June 5th, 2001

ULLL Riverdogs vs. DLL Mariners
at Trailside Field, Leesburg- June 5th, 2001

It's rare to get the chance to capture the game under the lights, but this game was an exception -- running well overtime into the darkness and a gathering rain storm just to make at least five innings.

Once again there were more exciting plays and some really extraordinary moments -- including the boggled single which ended up as a home run! Lots of runs, hits, and steals -- and super shots. The camera recorded over 50 photographs from this game, of which 30 of the best were loaded to these pages. Profiles of all the players at bat were taken as well -- you'll find them on the players page (as soon as I can get them online!)

So ... sit back, flip through the pages, and enjoy the game.

Batters warming up

Resting during a change of pitchers

Chill'n out during a change-over

Sliding into base

Running in

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