CLLL Braves vs. ULLL Riverdogs - May 5th, 2001

CLLL Braves vs. ULLL Riverdogs
at Robinson Field, Leesburg - May 5th, 2001

For anyone who missed the rousing game on Saturday when the Riverdogs showed their great teamwork by beating the Braves, here are some of the digital photographs taken during the game. For anyone interested, the camera used is a Sony Maciva with 12x zoom which takes internet quality photos on a regular floppy disk. This is the fastest digital camera on the consumer market (outside the VERY expensive digital sports cameras), and has the capability of recording the shot the second the shutter is depressed, including catching the ball in mid-air -- which you’ll see on a number of the following shots, including the first one (where the ball appears just to the right of the pitcher’s head)

I’ve only placed four photographs on each page, specifically to accommodate the slower loading systems. Enjoy!

The opening pitch.

Up at bat

The Riverdogs dugout.

Our intrepid first base coach (and his autographed cast).

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