ULLL Riverdogs vs. CLLL Reds - May 31st, 2001

ULLL Riverdogs vs. CLLL Reds
at Franklin Field, Purcellville - May 31st, 2001

If ever there was a team “on their game” that night -- it was the Riverdogs. And, boy…. did they prove it the first two innings -- running up the score 12-0 in no time at all. Our leading pitcher was just having the time of his life out there on the mound, and our players up to bat were slamming every ball that came their way. It was too awesome! In fact, there were so many great plays -- and some rather heart-in-mouth moments that all fell the right way -- that I sometimes forgot I was supposed to be taking photos!

But, I did get a few I liked as I worked to get the team players in motion -- although I suppose you couldn’t call it work since they just making play after play, giving me ample opportunities for great shots. The only fault in the whole scheme were the clouds obscuring the sun. Don’t get the best of pictures then, but … hey -- most came out just grand.


The opening pitch.

Right through the strike zone.

Ready to run home on a base hit.

Book’n it to second.

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