ULLL Riverdogs vs CLLL Reds. - May 31st, 2001

ULLL Riverdogs vs. CLLL Reds
at Franklin Field, Purcellville - May 31st, 2001

I had one of our moms tell me that she now has her son on her desktop. Apparently she found a great one of him on this website, and decided it was the perfect photo for her computer screen! Since all the photos are loaded full size --(you actually see them half-size because I coded the page that way in order for your system to load them quickly) -- when you copy them for use, the quality is 100%.

I haven’t disabled the right click “copy” on these pages, simply because I want all families and relatives of the team players to use and enjoy the photos as much as they’d like. So feel free to make as many screen savers, or collages, as you want, and I’ll just try and give you the best shots for the job!

The sixth inning stretch.

At bat… and ready for a triple.

Keeping the eye on the ball.

Getting a good lead off third.

Galloping into the sunset.

It’s a good one… and another RBI for a winning game.

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