ULLL Riverdogs vs CLLL Reds - May 31st, 2001

ULLL Riverdogs vs. CLLL Reds
at Franklin Field, Purcellville - May 31st, 2001

It never fails but there is always one shot that you see .. and you absolutely have to have it! It was the top shot here, at a moment during a time-out. I was on the opposite side, in the visitor’s pitching cage near first base, when I saw one of our team members chill out on third, waiting for play to resume. There was no way the telephoto could take the shot and do it justice, so I practically killed myself racing over to third, praying all the while that the game wouldn’t commence before I got there. The baseball gods were with me, and I got there just in time to capture the moment!

Then it was time for the action shots to begin again….

Taking a break during time-out

And it’s a double!

Scoring another run.

Putting on some speed.

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