CLLL Reds vs. ULLL Riverdogs - May 7th, 2001

CLLL Reds vs. ULLL Riverdogs
at Robinson Field, Leesburg - May 7th, 2001

For anyone who missed the rousing game on Saturday, AND the incredible game on Monday, we have photos of some of the highlights.

Once again the Riverdogs were spectacular in their game, giving me plenty of great shots -- including these opening shots of the lineup just cracking those balls into the outfield! (You'll actually see the balls in flight towards to top of the photos)

Incidentally, almost all of these photographs are uncropped and loaded to the site full size -- you just see them smaller than actual size because they are coded at 50% to fit neatly on the page. If you want a full size copy of any of the photos, simply place your mouse over the picture, right click, select "copy", and then paste the copy into any graphics or word processing program on your own system. It's that simple.


The opening pitch.

And then for the rest of the game it was hit…

…after hit….

…after hit! Wow!

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