CLLL Reds vs. ULLL Riverdogs - May 5th, 2001

CLLL Reds vs. ULLL Riverdogs
at Robinson Field, Leesburg - May 7th, 2001

Oftentimes baseball becomes a game of avoiding the ball as much as it is hitting and throwing it. Some of the body language is funny when a pitch or a hit goes wild, but those moments are difficult to capture unless you click the shutter at just the right moment. I think the photo entitled "dodge ball" is just terrific -- a combination of being at the right angle and taking the shot at just the right second. (I was informed by our artful dodger that the ball actually hit his foot -- leaving him none the worse for the wear!)

And then there are the moments, just as the pitcher is winding up, where the concentration of the team players and umps is 100% focused on the game. These depth of field shots are from both infield and outfield.

Inside ball. Waaaay inside!

Playing dodge ball at third base.

Ready in Left Field

Infield concentration

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