CLLL Reds vs. ULLL Riverdogs - May 7th, 2001

CLLL Reds vs. ULLL Riverdogs
at Robinson Field, Leesburg - May 7th, 2001

It's quite a lot of fun to watch the runners on the bases, itching to make it to home plate.

These shots were taken while the sun was still high, and as anyone who has ever used a digital camera knows, the photos are the best when the day is at it’s brightest and sunniest. The camera (computer, actually) records the sharpest images in full sunlight, but as the light begins to leave, the images become less defined, especially when shooting a distance shot. That's when you have to either put the camera away, or settle for artistic shots rather than shots requiring a lot of definition.

But we'd had so many runs that day, I had more than enough crisp shots to chose from. However, a few artistic shots were too good to pass up, and managed to sneak into the selection below.

On second and ready to make third.

Running home on a right field pop fly.

Already halfway home.

Booking it home for another RBI!

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