Upper Loudoun Little League Juniors Divsion 2 - ULLL Riverdogs 2001 Season


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ULLL Riverdogs
The Upper Loudoun Little League
Junior League Division 2
2001 Season

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Photographs from selected games

CLL Braves vs. ULLL Riverdogs - May 5th at Robinson Park, Leesburg.
CLL Reds vs. ULLL Riverdogs - May 7th at Robinson Park, Leesburg.
ULLL Riverdogs vs. CLL Reds - May 31st at Franklin Park, Purcellville.
ULLL Riverdogs vs. DLL Phillies - June 4th at Trailside Park, Leesburg.
ULLL Riverdogs vs. DLL Mariners - June 5th at Trailside Park, Leesburg.
Championship Play-Off Games - June 12-18th at Franklin Park, Purcellville.

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